Intelescan Features


Simple to use

We have designed both the Intelefile scanning application and the Intelefile online document management system to be simple and logical to use - which means that both users and your organisation benefit from day one.


3 tier library with synchronisation

Intelefile maintains a three tier library system that allow three levels of data to be captured by the user at the point of scanning, simply by selecting the appropriate scanning button. The library, category and document type values are automatically updated each time a user connects to the transmission server, making it simple and efficient to add new values to the system.


Email capability

Users have the ability to email any document scanned held by Intelescan directly to an email recipient, allowing urgent documents to be seen straight away.


Image display options

Intelescan provides the user with complete control over the image display options which a choice of 1, 2, 4 or 8 pages per view, zoom, fit to screen and rotate options to make processing images quick and easy.


Image QA

If an image does have to be replaced during the quality assurance step, the Intelescan scanning application makes the process simple with the ability to replace, append, insert and delete images with a single click of a button.


Batch transmission of images

The Intelefile scanning application creates a secure connection directly to the receiving server before encrypting each image and transmitting it. Each image is checked to ensure it has been successfully received before the document is moved into the sent items screen.


Secure images transmission

The Intelefile scanning application created a secure connection directly to the receiving server, called a VPN tunnel, before encrypting each image and transmitting it.


Customer and scanner identification

Each customer and Intelefile scanning application installation has its own unique ID, which means that the source of the images can always be tracked back to the individual scanner installation.


Twain compatible

The Intelefile scanning application is compatible with most twain compliant scanners, and also includes compatibility for fast twain devices for even quicker scanning.


Fully configurable interactive interface

We understand that things change over time – that's why the Intelefile scanning application builds its interface each time it is run from a configuration file. This means that adding a library, category or document type results in the new functionality being available straight away without the need to reinstall the application.


Drag & Drop

The latest version of Intelescan application will allow to scan any readable document of any type without a physical scanner. So now you don't have to spend money on buying a physical scanner, just install the application and start dropping the files in it.



Intelescan is now compatible with Win XP, Win7 and Win8 (32 or 64 bit).


Transmission log

When the images of each document have been transmitted to the transmission server the date, document type and number of pages are added to the outbox screen. This gives the user the ability to see how many, and what type, of documents were transmitted when.

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