Key Benefits


Reduce the cost of processing documents

How much time is wasted in your organisation filing and searching for documents? Intelefile gives you access to all your documents from any internet enabled computer and, unlike other document management systems, all you have to do is to scan the document - we do the rest! If you have multiple offices the benefits are even greater; each office can simply add documents to your shared repository.


Access and share information more effectively

With Intelefile you can give both internal and external users controlled and secure access to your documents. This means, for example, that your accountant will never need to ask for a copy of an invoice again saving you time and money. Our workflow module is perfect for document based processing and approval.


Increase document security

It is difficult to maintain security of hardcopy documents but with Intelefile you can ensure all users can access the documents you want them to see - and no more.


Comply with increasing levels of legislation and regulation

Are you required to keep certain documentation for set periods of time? Is this causing storage issues? Intelefile provides you with secure and compliant access to all your documents directly from your desktop.


Reduce your capital tied up in infrastructure

With Intelefile you can implement a document management system without capital expenditure - our 'pay as you go' pricing is both transparent and affordable. By using Intelefile the are no servers or software to purchase or support.


Protection against disaster (fire, flood, theft etc)

What would happen if your key hardcopy documents were destroyed? Would your business be at risk? By using the Intelefile service you can be sure that your business can continue if a disaster did happen - with access to your documents from any location.

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