Bretby Management Services use Intelefile to increase efficiency

"The Intelefile system makes us much more efficient. We now have instant access to all the documents we need to prepare the accounts, which has reduced the frequency of site visits. Our requests for documents to be sent down to head office has stopped"
Trevor Croucher, Finance Director, Bretby Management Services

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Customer Profile

Bretby Management Services Limited operate the Bretby Business Park site, a leading provider of flexible workspace solutions located four miles east of Burton Upon Trent in the South Derbyshire area. Within its 33 acres of landscaped grounds, Bretby Business Park provides over 300,000 square feet of both office and warehouse accommodation to suit the needs of both small and medium sized occupiers.

Bretby Business Park has a highly experienced on-site management team who are responsible for the daily operation of the site, including 24 hour manned security, a postal delivery and collection service, landscape maintenance, building services, daily cleaning of all office space.

Business Challenge

The site management team report into a head office located in Kent where the monthly management accounts are finalised. Although the head office has remote access to the Sage accounting system, they were not able to see the supporting documentation without either travelling to Burton upon Trent, a return journey of 320 miles, or requesting copies of documents be either posted or faxed to the Head Office.

This method of operation required regular visits to the site by senior management, with a constant stream of documents being sent by fax and post in the intervening periods.


The site team required a simple solution that would enable them to share their paper documents with the head office and would not add to their workload, require significant capital expenditure or need the existing processes to be changed.

A single Kodak i40 scanner was installed in the site office, where documents are now scanned on a daily basis as part of the filing process. Within 48 hours the documents are then available online in their dedicated Intelefile site for retrieval by both the local site management team and the Accounts Department at the head office.


Intelefile offered the perfect solution for the team's needs:

Easy Implementation. Implementing the system simply involved connecting the scanner to the PC and installing the Intelefile scanning application. The team took advantage of the remote installation service, where the scanning application installation was completed remotely by the Intelefile support team. None of the existing processes for dealing with documents had to be changed, with staff simply having to add one addition step of scanning the documents before they were filed.

Hosted Solution. A hosted solution means that users can connect to a system that is maintained by the Intelefile support team. For the site team this means there are no servers to maintain, no databases to support and no backups to worry about.

No capital Expenditure. Another advantage of being a hosted solution means there is no need to purchase expensive hardware and software to get the system up and running. The only hardware that was required was the scanner, which was supplied as part of the service.

No Data Entry. There was no spare capacity within the site team to take on additional data entry workload, and therefore it was important that any solution did not impact on the service they were providing the site's tenants. Intelefile's unique data entry service provided the perfect solution, where the team just needed to scan the documents and the Intelefile service took care of everything else – including the data entry for the documents and uploading the data and images onto the website.

Online Access. The requirement was to be able to share the paper documents between sites, and the Intelefile solution provides secure online access to any user with an internet connection, a username and password. The head office no longer have to visit the site as regularly or request documents to be send by fax or post, they simply go online for instant access to any of the documents.

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