How has Brexit affected the workflow for the Cargo and Logistics Industry?

Brexit has left many air cargo and logistics service companies confused and unsure of the new rules they must follow. Furthermore, it is well known that the UK’s access to the European Single Aviation Market was a key component for the success of low-cost carriers over the past two decades. According to Mckinsey, the EU accounts for 54% of all goods imported into the UK. The European Union has given the possibility for companies to set up business anywhere in the EU with low labour costs and no limitations for capacity or frequency.

What has changed with Brexit?

The key changes for the logistics industry are changes to product standards and an increase of additional manifests and other paper work such as the heightened burden from the approval process. The UK’s exit from the European Single Aviation Market will result in millions of new customer declarations per year from companies that will have never needed to complete this before.

Another disruption caused by Brexit, affects supply-chain because of delays and additional paperwork at the British Ports. DDC’s research shows that normality will not come back for at least another year, if not 18 months. The impact this is having on companies is increased cost and excessive administration which has stopped many companies from expanding. It has started to ease and flow more naturally again as companies are starting to get used to the new regulations, but it will still take time.

Could paperwork be the new trade because of Brexit?

At Intelefile, we understand how important paperwork is as the protection that holds businesses together, but only if it is monitored properly. Documents may need to be sent to multiple staff within organisations for approvals and current company set-ups cannot handle the high increase that this process demands. We can ensure that documents are accessible quickly, no matter where you are through our document management system. This has been proven to heighten efficiency when our system was introduced to Swissport Cargo as very quicky they were no longer waiting 6 weeks for documents to be accessible.

Brexit has required many companies to hire more staff to control the volumes of paperwork,yet they are still experiencing huge portions of their yearly budget spent on paperwork. At Intelefile we have a pay as you go system where organisations pay only for the volume of paperwork inputted into our system. This is particularly useful as it can be almost impossible to predict workloads -it is a suitable set-up for companies to monitor that they are not overspending budgets which could be used for different parts of the company.

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