Cloud Based
Document Management System

Store your files in an easy-to use online portal


Reduce the Cost of
Processing Documents

Share documents electronically with colleagues and clients over a network, by email or via a secure weblink.


Save Costs with
Customised Workflows

An easy workflow module provides customisable approval processes, allowing review, approval and processing of docs on the move.


Controlled and Improved
Document Distribution

Control who has access to which documents and from where.


Protection Against

Use Intelefile to keep an electronic copy of your documents in a secure location with instant access.


Why Intelefile

Intelefile is a document management solution that provides secure, low cost, online access to your business documents in one easy step.

Intelefile is very simple to use – you don’t need any specialist equipment or skills. All you need to do is scan your documents and upload them using the Intelescan application.

Our team will process the documents mimicking your filing structure, and upload them to your company’s Intelefile portal, ready and waiting for you to use them in your processes.




Simple to Use

The Intelescan scanning application and document management system is designed to be simple and logical to use - which means that both your users and your organisation benefit from day one.

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Intelefile works on a monthly pay as you go scheme which means that you only pay for what you use. The fees includes everything you need to use the system, including the scanner.

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Access your documents instantly In a secure cloud, allowing multiple people to access documents from any internet browser - subject to their designated access rights.

Our Customers

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