Intelefile is hosted in a secure data centre in London, UK which is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

Scanned documents are typically available in 24 hours.

Intelefile set up is carried out over several stages, including scoping your needs and current system, and customising the portal to mimic your filing structure.

Your account manager will work with you to create a personalised timetable for set up.

We can mirror your existing procedure and work with your technical team to integrate Intelefile into your internal setup.

The cost of the initial set up and configuration is a one-off fee, based on your requirements.

All other payments follow a monthly pay as you go model based on volume.

Talk to your account manager for more information about these costs.

Documents are never deleted unless specially requested.

Intelefile is hosted in a secure data centre in London UK. 

The portal is secured end to end. All data and images are encrypted at rest. Transmission of data and files are also encrypted using industrial standard encryption technology.

Every Intelefile portal has a unique URL and separate database. Documents are kept completely separated, and you control who accesses your portal.

Intelefile is ISO, OSCP, Cyber Essentials, and GDPR compliant.

Your first point of contact is your account manager.

Out of hours, contact the 24/7 service desk by phone or email.

Yes, Intelefile can be accessed on any device but we recommend using a PC or laptop for the fullest experience.

User training for your organisation’s admin is included in the set up cost. 

Talk to your account manager about costs for additional user training.

Yes. Every document can be classified according to sensitivity, and different access permissions can be set for each classification.

Additional controls can be added based on meta data values.

A pilot version of Intelefile is available for customers to try before they buy at a small cost. 

If you continue to use Intelefile, this cost is taken off the price of set up.

Yes. All of your documents are available on your online portal. The portal is password protected, and every user has to have access rights to see documents.

Find a document you can’t immediately see using the search bar, but we have never lost a document which has been scanned into our system!

A quick check between the physical file and the online file will easily verify the completeness of the documents.

Yes. All documents are stored in pdf format, making them easy to send.

Documents sent by email through the system are encrypted for extra security, so you can choose who sees your sensitive information.

Yes. The information stored for each document is extracted directly from the document’s meta data, and given a once over manually to double check its accuracy.

Please note that poor quality scans will reduce the accuracy of the documents on Intelefile.


You can access your documents through your portal 24/7, 365 days a year.

No. Document images cannot be edited once they have been added to the Intelefile system. This is important for legal and compliance purposes.

Documents cannot be deleted once they have been added to the Intelefile system. This is important for legal and compliance purposes.

We do however provide a document retention and deletion policy tailored to your needs.

Yes. This information is included on reports as standard.

Additional information can be added to your reports based on your needs.

Ask your account manager for more information about report options.


During set up we will work with you to understand and match your workflow needs.

As long as you have paper documents, Intelefile can help.

Our customers use Intelefile for uses such as invoicing, billing, cargo shipping, approvals and more.

Using Intelefile will help you reduce paper, and save the environment too!

We have been providing our tailored document management system for over 13 years, to satisfied customers across the UK and around the world.

Intelefile will:

  • Help you reduce your paper mountain
  • Help you keep your documents in order
  • Save you time and money

Intelefile is a scanning and cloud based document management system and portal that can be customised to your needs and integrated with your systems.

Every document scanned into Intelefile is saved according to your own filing system, with a digital image of the PDF, and a complete record based on the document’s meta data.

Because Intelefile is cloud based, all users access the same document, so they have the same information. A complete audit trail is kept of any changes made to the document, so that they are admissible in court. Admins can set who can access a document, and who can make changes to it.

  • Secure centralised document storage.
  • Complete document control.
  • Instant document access for approved users.
  • Audit trails and legislative compliance.
  • Improved business continuity with document disaster recovery.
  • Secure control of document user access.
  • Eliminate off-site document storage costs with business document scanning.
  • Improved business decision making, business intelligence and planning.
  • Reduce search times from minutes to seconds.
  • Reduce the cost of storing and retrieving paper documents.
  • Reduce photocopying costs by 38%.
  • Eliminate the risk of claims and fines resulting from lost documents.
  • Share documents directly with business partners.

Our customers typically see a return on investment within 6 to 12 months.

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