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How HR departments can put an end to information chaos

The rising tide of personal data and a lack of effective information management practices to deal with it are major hurdles on the digital transformation journey for business large or small.

Almost always, the HR department deals with the greatest volumes of information which, if not managed effectively, leads to wasted time and resources. With the impact of the GDPR, changing working practices and the need to work more productively in today’s competitive business environment, the modern HR department is facing more pressure than ever.

In sectors such as retail and fast food franchises, with their high staff turnover, personally identifiable information management can be overwhelming and lead to regulatory fines.

A High Court case last year, brought by 5,500 employees of the supermarket chain Morrisons, found that the company, as data controller, was responsible for a very serious data breach caused deliberately by a malicious employee. The employee concerned, a senior internal auditor at the retailer, leaked the payroll data of 100,000 employees by sending it to newspapers and publishing it online.

Even though Morrisons was also the victim in this case, and awarded £170,000 in compensation against its former employee, it found itself landed with costs of around £2 million to rectify the leak and is also facing a potentially huge compensation pay-out to thousands of employees.

This leak of information was deliberate. There are solutions that can help prevent accidental data breaches, however, in the form of automated workflows. Effective scanning and data capture and improved searchability and shareability of business documents improves process productivity, automatically improves security and cuts down on physical storage.

Whether the documents are health and safety forms, performance reviews or benefits distribution forms, HR staff often need to provide paper copies to employees and also store them digitally in a safe location where they can be readily accessed. This can be a very time-consuming process as they individually scan each form, receive it as an email file attachment, download each file, rename it and save it in the correct place.

This process can be easily sidestepped with the help of Intelefile, a document management solution that provides secure, low cost, online access to your business documents in one easy step. The process is very simple and requires no capital expenditure or specialist technical skill.

Intelefile can automate your digital document workflows. Once the documents are scanned as a batch and through a pre-allocated barcode, they will be automatically named and saved securely in an appropriate place. Intelefile allows you to access your documents instantly through your own online document database hosted in our data centre, allowing multiple people to access documents from any internet enabled computer – subject to their designated access rights.

It’s also secure – by using Intelefile you also create an offsite disaster recovery backup of your hardcopy documents – greatly decreasing the impact a disaster would have on your business.

We have made it easy to deploy with a 7-day rollout target from receiving your order. Unlike other document management systems, there is no requirement to change existing processes or procedures immediately. You can continue with your existing procedures until you decide they are no longer needed – making it even easier to get started. Call us today on +44 20 8584 1400 or use our contact form and we would be delighted to explain how Intelefile can make your business more productive and secure.

Sonny Sehgal

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